Course overview

Sales Ignite Coaching Program

SALES IGNITE is a sales performance coaching program that blends neuroscience, AI, and expert coaching to transform your sales prowess. This program is beyond just training, it's a journey to refine your strategies, enhance your skills, and unlock your full sales potential.

In today's competitive landscape, the difference between a good sales professional and a great one lies in continuous learning and adaptation. Whether you're looking to refine your approach, learn new strategies, or simply elevate your sales game, SALES IGNITE is the catalyst for your success.
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Meet our Coaches

Sales Peak Performance Coach 

Anoop brings extensive industry experience with over 25 years and practical perspective to the course. As a seasoned sales professional he has held key roles in leading organizations and has a track record of successful sales teams. With his deep insights and expertise, Anoop empowers students to maximise potential and achieve peak sales performance.

Mindset & Results Coach 

Anisha is a passionate coach deeply committed to helping others. As a certified neurochange practitioner and accredited ICF ACC coach, she specializes in helping overcome internal resistances and master their mindset. She also brings industry experience of over 15 years as a business development, go-to-market and presales specialist and can relate to the challenges.  

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